Everybody wants to improve. But the truth is that it’s easier said than done ! How to improve ?

The best way and the fastest way to improve is to learn from people who have gone through what we are going through and have succeeded. So instead of trying, experimenting on our own, failing and getting frustrated and demotivated, why not learn from people who are more competent than us ?

If you are currently at Level 1, you have 2 choices :
Keep on trying experimenting, failing, getting frustrated at Level 1
Ask, consult and copy from people at Level 1

If you do this, even if you succeed, you are still at Level 1. Your income and your condition have not improved SIGNIFICANTLY.

The more logical and obvious way is to seek help and advice from people who are already at Level 2. People who are at Level 2 are those who have gone through Level 1 (they have gone through what you are going through now), and they have succeed at Level 1. That is why they are now at Level 2. They have found the right way of doing things at Level 1. Therefore it is most logical to ask help from people who are already at Level 2. They are the people most competent to give us the right advice. If you learn from people at Level 2, you will immediately learn the right way, shorten your learning curve and achieve success and go up to Level 2 must faster right ? Better to improve vertically (from Level 1 to Level 2) rather than improving horizontally from Level 1 to Level 1. Makes sense ? Correct ?


Although logically this idea makes sense, in reality, it is sometimes not practical. Why ?

Because :

People at Level 2 are themselves struggling to succeed at Level 2. They have not found the “secret” of success at Level 2. They can advice you how to succeed at Level 1, but may not have discovered the right method at Level 2.
If you succeed and improve to Level 2, they may be threatened by your presence ! That is why they may be reluctant to really teach you and to help you.

So How ?

So what is the best solution if you want to quickly improve vertically to Level 2? One very effective way is to seek help from people who are already at Level 3 ! People at Level 3 are the most ideal to help you and most willing to help you because :

They have found the right way and have succeeded at Level 1
They have found the right way and have succeeded at Level 2
They are now already at Level 3 and they will not feel threatened if you move up to Level 2 because they are already 1 level above you !

Makes sense ?

Therefore …

This are the things that you have to do if you want to IMPROVE VERTICALLY

What Level are you now ?
Who do you know who is / are already at Level 3 ?
Are you friends with them ?
If No, then you must make friends with such people
If you are already friends with them, then seek their advice  
After you have learnt the “secret”, quickly implement it
Then continuously update your friend about your progress
If you encounter any problems, continuously seek their advice
After you have succeeded, let them know. They will be happy that they have helped someone to achieve better results… and yet they will not feel threatened by your presence because they are still 1 level above you.

Keep Improving Vertically…

After you have reached Level 2, do you seek the advice of your friend who is at Level 2 to help you to improve to Level 3 ?

NO !

You look for people who are at Level 4, seek their advice and ask them to help you to improve vertically to Level 3.

So what is the lesson you have learnt ?

You may have to “change’ the friends that you are currently mixing with. They are nice to be with, but sorry, they may not be the right people to help you improve vertically
You need to make friends with people who are 2 levels above you. It may not be comfortable mixing around with them at first because you are of “different frequency” and you may feel inferior being with the. But these are the people who will help you to improve.

So stay comfortable but don’t improve,


Get out of your comfort zone and keep improving vertically ?


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