How To Heal A Broken Heart

broken heartIt is really such a pain when you have been hurt and heartbroken. Many of us regret to be in love when suddenly our world crumbles apart because of the pain that is given to us by someone who used to love us.

But whatever happens, giving up and just mourning is not the way to go. Of course, pain is just enough for us not to think straight. But in the long run, break-ups are a reality and we just have to try to move on. If we have a will to mend our hearts, then it is not impossible to realize that we are still lucky after all. Below are tips to mend one's heart that has been broken:

1. Crying is always a remedy to ease the pain inside. When we cry, we also release our negative feelings: all the pain and hurt and the bad memoires just comes out when we cry. So go ahead if you feel like crying. Just shed all the tears until there is nothing left. Do not suppress your tears as crying is a way to make you feel better in the long run.

2. All of us need a friend when we are down. Do not ever shut yourself to people who still love you. There are a lot of people still concerned for you so call them when you have to. Have some shoulder to cry on and just tell them what you feel at the moment. Having someone just to listen and accompany you means a lot in moving on.

3. Have a couple of distractions. You got your family and friends right? Try to socialize and hang out with the more. Do not ever let yourself go alone. It is best that you have your loved ones there for you as well. You will also be surprised how good their company is.

4. In addition, you can start a hobby or activity that will make you busy. Try to go out often and join groups or even classes. Try to be physically fit for example by hanging more in the gym or just doing something different like travelling. Get yourself moving so you will not think more about the past.

5. Have some closure and then just move on. Try to be positive with your future and do not ever reminisce the past. Think that the future holds something good for you and that the past is just a blessing in disguise. Try to be positive and just plan your life for the better.

As said, being heartbroken and repairing your heart is not an easy task. But then again if you have a strong will to get out if that roller coaster ride, you will soon find yourself facing your future. It may be difficult at first t try but then once you had your first step at mending your heart, then you will soon do each of the suggested tips I mentioned above with ease.

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  2. Very well said. It's really such a pain when we are heartbroken but we need to move on, forget the past and start a new life. There's still a brighter future ahead of us. Just think positive.

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