10 Very Common Stupid Tricks That Wreck A Good Life

circusMany people go through life acting like trained circus animals. They repeat the same antics they observed their neighbors, parents and family performing. What they often don’t realize is that they are wrecking their lives.

Do you know someone that performs these tricks?

Understanding that these tricks change good lives into a zoo is the first step to freedom. So, let’s take a look at the most common traps people fall into.

10 Very Common Stupid Tricks That Wreck A Good Life

I’d bet we’ve all witnessed at least some of these stupid tricks. Unfortunately, they plague many people and are incredibly common. Read over the list and let me know which one you think is the worst or most prevalent.

  • 1. Performing the starring role in a never-ending drama
It seems that some people want the days of their lives to mirror a soap opera. They constantly behave badly and then wonder why their lives are so freaking crazy. It is almost as if they are addicted to chaos! These folks usually fail to see that they are their own worst enemy! Do you know someone that is the big star in their own perpetual drama?
  • 2. Jumping through hoops without accomplishing anything
Who do you know that lives life like a hamster spinning in a wheel? These people run and run, but never get anywhere. In addition, they probably think they have little to no control over their lives. They are stuck in the Twilight Zone where every day is just like the next. They continually jump through hoops for everyone else, but never realize their own dreams. I assure you this is only an illusion, but how do we convince them?
  • 3. Parroting the negativity heard in the media and from others
The voices of negativity are constantly lobbing grenades of gloom into our laps. Many people become echo chambers that repeat and amplify this barrage until they are deaf to anything else. Then their minds freeze up in fear, doubt and panic. These people let themselves be toyed with like a puppet! We all need to turn off the talking heads and feed our minds positive, encouraging vitamins of hope to regain a good life!
  • 4. Disappearing when they hear the words volunteer or charity
Why are people so afraid of giving away their time and money? I know there are a lot of scams, but are we really going to let that squelch every attempt at good? So what if once in a blue moon we give a nickel to someone that wastes it! Life goes on! Get over it! The most significant thing we can do with our limited days on this earth is make someone else feel safe, comfortable and cared for.
  • 5. Trying to walk a high-wire without a net in their personal finances
The recession we just experienced was a gift. It was a warning shot across the bow giving people the opportunity to turn from their destructive financial path. Spending beyond their means, piling up mountains of debt and failing to save a penny for a rainy day will be the demise of many. Our economy reflects our collective financial condition. Hopefully, the warning we got will motivate people to get their house in order so we can prosper as a country!
  • 6. Rolling over and quitting because they made a few mistakes
Making a bad mistake can be painful. I’ll admit it can feel like someone scarred you with a white-hot branding iron on your backside. The memory of such an event leaves many thinking that the best thing they can do is to curl up into the fetal position and quit. Of course, this means they’ll miss out on even the slightest chance that life might throw them a bone just when they need it most!
  • 7. Swinging from one relationship to the next to avoid commitment
It isn’t always easy to let yourself be loved. A true partner will challenge you to grow and better yourself. They will force a person to relinquish some of the selfishness we all cling to for dear life. Jumping to another relationship won’t solve the problem. One day you have to deal with the person staring back at you in the mirror. This is the only way I know to ultimately find the kind of love we all long for.
  • 8. Playing opossum on the couch to evade all forms of exercise
There is nothing that will steal the joy out of a person’s life quicker than health problems. However, you don’t have to look far to find a person taking a very short-sighted approach when it comes to exercise and eating right. Neither of these is all that hard, expensive or time-consuming. They just take a little discipline and ingenuity. I don’t understand why people don’t get up and get active! It is the single best thing we can do for ourselves!
  • 9. Throwing daggers of blame while blindfolded at anyone in range
Some people will throw blame at just about anybody but themselves. It is always the other person’s fault that their relationships suck, their career is at a dead-end and the collection agent knows their whole family by first name. Accepting responsibility for our lives and making a conscious decision to do everything we can to make this one life we have worth living is the only solution to our dilemma. When will people learn?
  • 10. Flipping out when it is suggested they should learn something new
I never cease to be amazed at how strongly people resist and fear change. They will do everything within their power to avoid, divert and even sabotage anything that is going to make them have to learn something new or change in anyway. Change is a necessary and healthy part of life. Our routines are not pets! People need to learn to grow! It doesn’t hurt as much as they think!

Retraining to Quit These Stupid Tricks

We are not circus animals! We have a choice in our behavior. All we have to do is decide to retrain ourselves. How do we get people to quit these self-destructive tricks?

By: Jeff Nickles
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  3. Some great posts here.

    #6 is the one that really gets me mad. Too many people quit after a couple of undesired outcomes rather than making adjustments and keep moving forward.

  4. Some great posts here.

    #6 is the one that really gets me mad. Too many people quit after a couple of undesired outcomes rather than making adjustments and keep moving forward.

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  7. I'm officially subscribing to this blog. So much inspiration in each post. Love it. This list is so true and I hope people can find ways to change negative cycles.

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