Deadline Your Success

If you want to get more done in your crazy-busy life, you have to set deadlines and stick to them. Setting a deadline may seem a bit scary at first, but I assure you they'll push and pull you toward success without letting you give up on yourself.

Deadlines are a part of my everyday life. They are part of the reason I was able to write 7 books this year. From my experiences, here are three reasons to create deadlines for your big projects:

1. Deadlines create pressure

When you set a time limit on a project there is a sense of urgency that rushes over you. Half of your brain is asking, "Can I finish this on time?" And the other half of your brain is saying, "let's rock and roll...this is going to be fun!"

This brain battle, tug-of-war is called pressure. When you feel it, you have two choices. One, you can run the other way and quit. Or, two, you can face the pressure and let it push you faster than you ever thought possible.

Ever open a champagne bottle? Why do you think the cork explodes and flies across the room? It's because of the tremendous pressure behind the cork. The cork doesn't fight it. It just lets go and enjoys the ride.

So, set your deadline, get ready to work, and enjoy the fastest ride of your life!

2. Deadlines help you clarify your desired outcome

You should always start a project with a desired outcome. Without one, you won't get anywhere. Then, you should make the outcome a burning desire. After you've reached this point, it's time to set a time limit...a time you'll be finished with the project.

Now, the beauty of your deadline is: clarity of your outcome. You see, when you first figure out your outcome you go for it have lofty dreams (as well you should). But when you set a deadline, you have to go back to your original outcome and rethink what you really want. In other words, you have to become even clearer of your outcome because you only have so much time to get it done.

We all long for perfection. But that's impossible. And it certainly isn't profitable. That's why after you set your deadline you have to reevaluate your outcome and make the proper changes to make it happen on time.

This clarity will not only help you accomplish your project with more precision, it will help you get your project done in lightning-like speed.

Get clear, set your time limit, get even clearer, and succeed!

3. Deadlines allow you to reverse-engineer and plan your work

When you first decide what kind of project you want to accomplish, you lay out a plan of action that may seem logical at first. However, once you set a deadline, this action plan becomes obsolete and you're now able to create a better plan.

This is possible because deadlines allow you to reverse-engineer your plans. They allow you to start at the end of the project and work backwards to the starting point.

This simple, yet powerful method of completing projects will allow you to create a master plan that's sure to get your project done in no time flat (no pun intended).

As you can see, deadlines are muy importante to completing your big projects on, early! Don't be scared. Set your deadlines and succeed!

Author: Weston Lyon
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  1. to be honest I kinda sick with deadline. Because it's happening everyday. I work on the "daily customer orientated request" and they always want it fast. Lucky me :mrgreen:

  2. yup, deadline is pressure but pressure is passion :)

    saya seneng klo kerja ada ketegangannya mbakee, klo cuma santai doang malah serasa ga kerja..hehehe

    aneh yah saya..hihihi :)

  3. do you have your own deadline Tyas?
    deadline is always become my friend...hehe...because I work in projects whose putting the deadline as a god


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