You Always Start as an Amateur

by Roseanna Leaton

No matter what you set out to do in life, you will begin your task as an amateur. Depending on how much practice and how much heart you put into your task you can end up as the most talented and professional person imaginable. But nobody expects you to be that talented or professional upon your first attempt; no-body that is except yourself!

A fear of failure or a fear of embarrassment is the primary cause of either of these things. If your fear stops you from beginning that which you would like to do you have surely failed. There is no more certain way of ensuring your failure than by not even trying. And it is also true that if you are afraid of embarrassing yourself you are almost certain to do exactly that. Your own clear and heart-felt expectancy will create you reality.

When you speak with successful people or read their biographies you will notice a very similar attitude is held by these people. They did not allow fear to get in their way. Most did not allow fear to even enter their mind; if fear did raise its head, it was very quickly and efficiently beaten back to the ground.

When fear appears what can we do to eliminate it? First, it is important to appreciate that fear does not generally live in the now. Fear is usually felt about something in the future. It tends to hinge on a "what if..." scenario. If you are afraid that something might happen, that is in the future, not in the now. So to know you long term goal, but to focus in the now is a very good way in which you can circumvent fear.

But you do have to know your long term goal and to achieve success you will need to pursue it with passion. To make a half-hearted attempt will only achieve a half-hearted result. Successful people have passion. Their goal is their vision and their passion is the fuel which propels them forwards. The degree of their passion is what makes them overcome any obstacles put upon their path. A successful person's passion and desire to achieve their goal is so strong that it overrides fears and difficulties.

We can all learn something from this. We can learn that one emotion can be over-ridden by the act of accessing a different and stronger emotion. To succeed you will need to see and hear, feel and taste your goal. You will need to focus fully upon it and to dream about it. You will need to put heart and passion into your goal. In this way, you will turn a blind eye to your earlier fears. You have the ability to focus your mind as you wish. We all have complete freedom to choose how we think and what to think about. Simply by changing your perspective you change your reality and open yourself up to amazing opportunities.

Fear does not need to get in your way. Just for a moment, imagine what you are afraid of and move it off to one side of your mind as if you are moving it as far to the left or right of your field of vision as is possible. Then imagine it getting smaller and smaller, beat it with a stick and show it how strong you are. And now, picture what you want; picture what you really, really want. See it clearly, feel it, hear it and taste it. Allow yourself to fully imagine and visualize your goal. If you were planning to invent a light bulb you would be imagining everything illuminated at night. Really see your goal. This is what fuels your passion and keeps your focus...and stampedes over obstacles and fears.

Never let it be said that you were too afraid to even try. Every artist was first an amateur, as Ralph Waldo Emerson is quoted to have said.

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  1. Success is different for each of us and is something we all strive for. Success in life exists on several levels. The most important one is to love, be loved and know God. After the big ones, success is what provides satisfaction. Most people find satisfaction in doing something well. The happiest people are those who enjoy their work. Menial jobs can provide sustenance but not much else. Creative jobs require self discipline so you can study, learn new skills, and self improve. Its never too late.
    Richard Provance,


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