What a Man Craves in a Woman


One thing that men crave is admiration. As boys, they fantasize about scoring the winning point in the championship game, or being applauded by thousands of screaming fans. As they grow up, they reach a point where they know the championship game or rock star fantasy is just…a fantasy. They probably aren’t going to be the President or the CEO. They’re just another regular guy. And the only source of true admiration is going to be a family.


Every day, men battle for respect. In business, hobbies, and traffic, respect isn’t easily earned. And it may be easily lost when a company downsizes, or a new guy with more sports talent or a better collection arrives. And in a world where there are dozens of people he has to respect, whether they’re potential customers or strangers driving erratically who may be packing a .38 in the console, a man looks forward to the respect of a girlfriend or wife.


In our ever-changing world, trust is increasingly difficult to come by. Employers do background checks. Volunteer youth workers at church are fingerprinted. You may even need to pass an investigation before you can adopt a shelter dog. Internet dates give fake names and throwaway phone numbers. And the less trusted a man is, the more likely he is to be tempted to live down to other people’s expectations.


Most men prefer dogs to cats. In large part, this is due to the fact that dogs are faithful companions. A dog is always happy when you arrive home, and lets you know how glad he is to see you. Cats on the other hand seem to pride themselves on acting like they could care less if you’re there or not. Men like to be the most important thing in someone’s world.


Above all men crave love. A wise person once said “You like someone Because; you love them In Spite Of.” Most men are painfully aware of their imperfections and deep down may not believe they deserve to be loved. So finding a woman who can make them feel loved and deserving of love can satisfy a deep unspoken craving. They may not realize how much they need to be loved until they actually experience genuine mature love. It make take them a while to differentiate between love and sex.

In a mature relationship, each party contributes to the emotional security of the other by satisfying these cravings. All relationships have ups and downs. All individuals have imperfections and annoying habits. It is the emotional support that make it worthwhile to preserve a relationship through the many challenges.

Meeting those needs can put you well on your way to “happily ever after”.

Source: www.selfgrowth.com
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