This may not be a prayer but it is all about prayer; about prayer and faith. Since I have no better way to express my gratitude, I wish to share these words with you:

Many of us have had their doubts. Many of us have had lives with intermittent periods of doubt and faith and in as far as grey cells are responsible for those doubts, intellect - from my perspective - may be a malady rather than a remedy.

For years I have not prayed for many of the things that people often pray for, for I have mainly prayed for more faith. Since faith cannot be purchased, since it has no price and since it is free, I experienced my prayer as humble and as if I wasn’t asking for much...

And so I have prayed for faith. For years and years I have prayed for more faith.

These past few months some incredible events have taken place in my life and all of those events have added immensely to my faith. After years of praying for faith, God has answered my prayers in His very own way, for rather than just sending me that faith, He poured out an overwhelming waterfall of events that gave me that faith whilst in the process fulfilling some of my dearest and most secret wishes that I most certainly would never have dared to pray for.

Whilst many of His gifts are still unfolding to the meanwhile increased perceptiveness that my strengthened faith has given me, I was driving along a highway yesterday whilst thinking about all that.

Suddenly it occurred to me that in giving me all that faith that I had prayed for (and possibly more) God had in fact given me a free eternal life insurance. Can you imagine! Not a life insurance but an Eternal Life Insurance...

And I don’t even have to pay a cent for the policy!

Here I was...all those years...believing that I was praying my most humble prayer and thinking that I was asking for something that was free and that thus I wasn’t asking for much whilst, in fact, I was praying for something that has no price because it is absolutely priceless...

I know that it sounds awfully inadequate but what else can I say but


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