Brighter Days

What do you need to do to become happier in life?
Do you need a new house?
How about a new car or a bigger paycheck? How can you brighten your mood?
What will lift your spirits?
You could be suffering from a general malaise. Or, maybe, you're just suffering from the summer blues.
But, whatever your discomfort, there are many easy things you can do to raise your state of health.

Psychologists tell us that feeling joyful, lighthearted, and excited about life doesn't require major soul searching or a large investment of time or money.

There are dozens of ways to lift your spirits in a scant moment.

Smile at yourself in the mirror each morning. It'll brighten your day.
Stand up straight; slouching is harmful to your physical and mental health.
Hum or sing your favorite tune. A shift in brain chemicals will reduce stress and lift your spirits.

Give of yourself each day. A donation dropped into a Salvation Army kettle, a coin dropped into an expired parking meter, or a simple greeting to your neighbor will lift your spirits, as you experience a high from doing good.

Dream yourself into happiness. Research reveals that by depriving yourself of at least seven hours of sleep each night could rob you of bliss. Less sleep means that you dream less.
Sleep experts tell us that when your brain has fewer hours of sleep, the REM phase of sleep leaves little time to sort through the day's emotions. As a result, you are apt to wake up cranky and feel miserable all day. So, treat yourself to a good night's rest.

Promote laughter and light heartiness. It will establish you as able and in control. Serve yourself by lifting up others. You will find great joy in making others feel good.

Have a strong faith. Be confident in knowing that God will direct you to all that you need in life.

And, most of all, realize that your brightest days are those spent in service to God and your fellow man.

--- Copyright © 2011 Bob Stoess,
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