Nouveau Riche University, One Stop Shop for Successful Real Estate Investing

Nouveau Riche is a French word, literally translates to “new rich”. That denotes to a person who gain monetary power, wealth and great financial heights during his lifetime. Nouveau Riche University is an online university that is offering associate and bachelor degree programs in accounting, finance, marketing, small business management and especially real estate investing.

Nouveau Riche University that is founded by Jim Piccolo, Mary Piccolo and Bob Snyder is the only One Stop Shop for successful Real Estate Investing, because they don’t just teach Real Estate Investing, they create Real Estate Investors. Not only teaches the way to create wealth through successful Real Estate Investing, but also simultaneously offers the support and resources to start investing.

Now, with the new Chief Executive Officer, Laura Palmer Noone, former president of University of Phoenix, Nouveau Riche University will give better educational services to all the students. The teaching design methods applied in Nouveau Riche University accelerate learning and maximize retention and have been proven in higher education institutes world wide.

You can read testimonials, pictures and experiences of Nouveau Riche University students in Nouveau Riche Nationwide Community in facebook. They share the changes of their life after implementing all they have learned in Nouveau Riche University programs they take.
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