Women's Leadership Program

I never thought that I will write about woman leadership. As a woman, I do respect all kind of tantamount to a man does. With I'm working now, I do have support such thing of it. Even one day if I'm marriage, I would love to choose someone who concern about me, and take me as I am now and forever. But about the Elizabeth J Somers Women's Leadership Program (WLP), I really don't understand what purposed they carried for.

I do have followed many leadership program few years ago, and it packages as out-bond activity. We create some groups and they teach me how can be work as a team. And it does works on me until now. The wlp or world renowned as women's leadership program is some activities live together by cohort in dormitories on George Washington University. They are designed in 4 different areas study, which is arts and culture, development (economics), politics, or science. And for each area is accompanied with appropriate humanities and writing courses. But still even it looks perfect, but they are not blend with man. Which I think, the world is not dominant by female only, they forget about man, boys. Now if you think this is good, you can sign in here by follow the link.

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