Become the next Nouveau Riche

Have you ever thinking about being someone who is rich beyond your wildest dream? There’s nothing wrong in pursuing your dream, some people are very determined and they’re ready to get rich or die trying. Some made it, and become the next Nouveau Riche story. But for those who don’t, they will continue to try.

Nouveau Riche is French for ‘new rich’ and many have become this - rising from rags to riches, with inspiring stories to tell of their successes. But like what I’ve been saying often, they have worked hard to get to where they are. And these are not just people who gained lots of money, but have also achieved fame, glory and respect.

Time has changed but the rule of the game is still the same. Obtaining the Nouveau Riche status is the dream that many of us desired and will do whatever it takes to achieve.

There are many who became a billionaire by inheriting their wealth from their deceased parents but it is not a common path. Many of those who got their Nouveau Riche status are high school dropouts who do not spend much time in college. They learn from their environment and take the opportunity to earn money from whatever opportunities that cross their path. When there’s a will, there will always be a way to achieve it.
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