Lingerie and High Heels

I love watching Fashion TV, especially the lingerie fashion shows. I’ve never confidence to wear the sexy lingerie before because I think my body isn't proportional enough to wear them. But after having an aerobic and fitness course the last couple months, I think I've made my body in a proportional good shape. And it will look good in some sexy lingerie, I think.

Yesterday I was browsing the internet to find the best place to make an online purchasing for the lingerie and I found this beautiful site, This site provides so many lingerie collections and accessories you can choose.

I also interested with their high heels shoes collections. We could match them with lingerie or sexy dresses we chose. I don’t know where and when I will wear this lingerie and shoes, but it really feels good to have those things in your wardrobe. I can’t wait until my husband sees me wearing those sexy things. Hmmm..

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